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System Integration

With our expertise in system design, we offer complete integration services to defence and aerospace, telecom and industrial automation customers with solutions based on COTS technologies. We offer the right hardware, systems and application software and networking and technical support to meet high standards of functional performance and environment qualification requirements.

With configurations chosen out of COTS technology, fromchassis to various subsystems including software, our customers reduce the risk of dealing with many suppliers. Our integrated systems are of high quality, are cost effective and delivered on time, thereby enhancing the overall productivity of projects as customers can focus on their applications with ease and confidence.

Main Activities

  • System Configuration
  • Hardware and Software Integration
  • Performance Improvement and Validation
  • Environment Qualification
  • Documentation
  • Technical Support
  • Repair and Maintenance
  • Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)
  • Programme Management
  • Obsolescence Management
  • Upgradation services

Rugged System:

We configure and integrate products for high performance military and ruggedised COTS applications like air-cooled and conduction-cooled systems based on PowerPC and Intel technologies for ships, tanks, tracked vehicles and aircrafts. These systems meet stringent field environment requirements as prescribed in MIL-STD-810E and EMI / EMC per MIL-STD-461D.


We provide a range of display subsystems for radar and graphics displays for command and control applications.These subsystems provide solutions for the entire chain of display management, including radar signal acquisition, radar scan conversion, plot tracking, high resolution graphics generation, graphics underlay / overlay, video windowing, video distribution and video recording / playback. The display subsystems are available based on various form factors like VME/cPCI/PCI.

Cluster Computing:

We focus extensively on solving our customers' real-world High Performance Computing (HPC) challenges. For nearly seven years, we have delivered HPC excellence-blending the price and performance advantage of Linux-based clusters with real-world HPC expertise and technology. We provide clusters out of Intel and other CPU architectures along with Infiniband or other Interconnect technologies. We offer a range of Linux cluster computing to meet a variety of customer needs.

Products and Services:

  • RADAR / SONAR Video Display Integration
  • Command and Control Systems
  • Video Trackers
  • Display Systems
  • Signal Processing
  • Fault Tolerance systems
  • High Performance Computing solutions and Parallel Processing
  • Embedded Computing for specific applications
  • Flight Data Processing Systems

Subsystem Integration services from us encompass the following

  • Multi CPUs
  • Multi I/Os
  • Multi Buses
  • Multi OS
  • Middleware/Software Interfaces
  • Harsh Environment qualification

We address all integration issues during system integration and trials. We provide support to our end customers throughout the equipment lifecycle.

Multi-platform and Multi-OS Expertise

At RTTS, we have capabilities to address environments that demand expertise across disparate hardware platforms and multiple operating systems.

Operating Systems

  • RTOS : Lynx OS and VxWorks
  • Embedded Linux: Bluecat and Montavista
  • Other OS: Linux and Solaris


  • CPU: Power PC, X-86 and ARM
  • Bus Technology: VME, cPCI and PCI

Other Technologies

Communication: HDLC, X.25, ATM, VME,MIL-1553B Ethernet and Infiniband.

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